role players

Murtaza Kalender

Founding Director
Travelshop Turkey

Murtaza Kalender,the Founding Director of Travelshop Turkey, Workshop Travelshop & Murti’s Tours that are based in Turkey, Istanbul, an elite Tour Operator and B2B Event Organizer for over 15 years focusing on Indian Tourism Market along with the rest of the world.

Having hosting 3500 pax of Indian M.I.C.E Group of global pharmaceutical giant employees (all at once) in Turkey for 10 day period, lately, the company with his name on is second to none in its field!

Murtaza Kalender with an active personality, never-ending energy and professional business mind, not to mention a loyal network of suppliers along with self-made cutting edge online B2B Speed Networking tools, has the highest customer satisfaction ratio which kept him as leader in the industry.