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Prasant Saha


The India Story
The MICE industry, if exploited to the optimum extent, is a goldmine that can contribute to India’s peak economic growth. For the MICE industry to be successful, concerted joint efforts from various stakeholders like Tourism, Infrastructure, Transportation, Hotels, Government and other agencies is an absolute necessity! Being a developing country and one of the leaders in Science and Technology, our country is a potential groundswell of opportunity to position the MICE industry on a vantage point on the world map. India has great potential in all respects - from the perspective of an ancient culture, rich country with a vast reservoir of heritage, replete with ageless tourist destinations and more, to attract international conventions with a cost advantage. So to say, MICE can act as a powerful brand ambassador for India.

Prasant Saha - the catalytic agent for promoting MICE Prasant Saha is a versatile, multifaceted and successful entrepreneur having founded & established CIM Global, one of the forerunners in the Indian PCO realm. CIM Global in existence for the past 20 years is the orchestrator for prime mega scale Science & Technology conventions. CIM Global has the largest network with six offices in India and three offices overseas (London, Dubai and Singapore) having over 120 professionals. An MBA in International Business, Trade & Commerce from University of Westminister, London, Prasant’s early experience was with the Travel and Hospitality industry at UK. He was the Head, Asian markets for the Department of Trade and Industry, London.